What's the weather in Cyprus really like?

The weather in Cyprus seems to catch a few of our 'off season' tourists out. I have met so many over the years who have been quite surprised and totally unprepared for what can be very changeable weather conditions. I think tour operators keen to sell the island as an all year round sunshine destination are partially responsible for giving the impression that our weather in Cyprus will support beach attire and flip flops throughout the winter.

Now please don't get me wrong.... as Mediterranean climates go I think we have one of the best..... long dry summers followed by increasingly mild winters. Having moved here from one of the wetter regions of the UK we couldn't have wished for better.

However I would like point out a few things about our weather in Cyprus that will help you prepare for your trip depending on when you're coming to the island....... and maybe these graphs will help.

Air temp in Cyprus
Sea temp in Cyprus
Hours of sunshine in Cyprus
December and January are our winter months with average temps peaking around the low 60°F (17°C), which if you've left perishing wind and rain behind will seem glorious. But be warned..... we also get cold, cloudy, grey days when a walk along the seafront will be extremely uncomfortable if you've not been wise enough to bring a lightweight fleece or even a waterproof. Temperatures can sit quite stoically around 10°C (50°F) which is still very good compared to UK in January, so if you've not packed for all eventualities you risk being blue with cold rather than golden brown.

February is when we all look up to the heavens and pray for rain. It's likely to be one of the last opportunities to top up our dams before we face another summer of drought conditions. The weather in Cyprus over the last few years hasn't answered our prayers and we're all becoming increasingly concerned over our diminishing water supplies.

Cyprus Bee Orchid
March and April are the best months to visit Cyprus if you're not a sun worshipper. We have gorgeous bright sunny days (though there's still the risk of a cloud burst) where it's possible to eat lunch outside and enjoy the beautiful orchids that bloom across the island throughout the spring. Be prepared for temperatures to drop at night and bring long sleeves.

By May our Cyprus weather starts to heat up. The outdoor beach restaurants begin to open and the copper glow of an early tan is sported by many.

June..... summer is here. You can be fairly certain that swimsuits and sun tops are what you'll need from here on in. Though after a long hot day on the beach many still feel chilled in the cool night air so a long sleeve linen top or shirt is ideal to throw round your shoulders when you go out for dinner.

July through October temperatures soar. In recent years our weather in Cyprus has been as hot as the Middle east. Hardly surprising as we are geographically so close. So please please please come and enjoy our sunshine but do it safely.......

*Sun cream with a reasonable sun factor will not stop you tanning. In fact it will help you build a deeper longer lasting tan. Burnt skin isn't attractive and it's far from comfortable. I sit in the shade throughout the summer and still take a very good tan.

*Drink plenty water and non alcoholic drinks throughout the day. 2 litres a day is the daily recommendation in moderate climates so you really need to up that considerably when you're in our Cyprus weather conditions. Dehydration and it's ill effects can really put the mockers on your holiday spirit. Oh and try to save yourself until sundowners before you enjoy your first beer of the day. Alcohol and the sun simply don't mix.....

umbrella on beach
*Enjoy excursions in the morning before it gets too hot. Return to the poolside or beach and climb under a brolly in the heat of the afternoon. Shopping after 6 'o' clock when it starts to cool down is a great way to spend the early evening before dinner and a good night out. The weather in Cyprus influences our retail opening hours with shops closing for siesta at lunchtime, opening later in the afternoon and staying open well into the evening.

October is an excellent month to book an end of season holiday as many hoteliers and villa owners drop their accommodation prices giving you great value whilst the weather in Cyprus is still marvelous. Shop around for flight deals as there are usually better seat prices between now and mid December when the prices go back up over the Christmas period.

By November the 'locals' are in winter mode even though many of the ex pat community are still enjoying their pools and the beaches. Chimeras get lit at night to extend the outdoor eating season but on the whole I think we're all ready for the cooler climes of our very brief winter. Having said that with temperatures ranging between 70°F(18°C) and 52°F(12°C) it's still a fantastic time to get some late sun.

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